Helping Your Teen Through Eating Disorder Recovery: Three Tips To Improve Their Oral Health

Seeking help for your teen's eating disorder was your first priority, and they are working hard on getting better in their treatment program. While they are learning coping strategies to strengthen their mental health, you are now ready to start focusing on helping them heal the rest of their body. Unfortunately, eating disorders such as bulimia place major stress on the mouth since stomach acids and a lack of nutrition play a major role in tooth decay and gum disease. Read More 

Why Does Coffee Stain Teeth?

If you have been looking for ways to keep your teeth as white as possible, then you may have learned that it is wise to cut back on your coffee consumption. Coffee is one beverage that can leave relatively dark stains on teeth. If you are confused about why and how coffee can be so troublesome, then keep reading. Coffee Contains Tannins When coffee beans are harvested, they are naturally a green color. Read More