What To Do If Your Child’s Retainer Stops Fitting

Retainers are often used to maintain the results braces can give to a smile, so it can be alarming to realize that your child's retainer no longer fits. This can occur due to going without wearing their retainer for too long, or from damage to the retainer, or another oral health problem. If their retainer won't fit, read on to learn what you need to do in order to maintain the new alignment of their teeth. Read More 

Veneers To Correct A Misshapen Tooth

If you have a tooth that has an irregular shape, there are multiple dental applications that can be used to correct its appearance, including dental veneers. Here a few types of veneers that may be used: Traditional Porcelain Veneers A traditional dental veneer is usually made from porcelain and can be applied to the front of a misshapen tooth. The veneer is shaped to match your other teeth and correct the irregularities in the covered tooth's appearance. Read More 

Is Your Bad Breath Caused By Medication Or Dental Health Problems?

Bad breath or halitosis is an embarrassing situation that can be sometimes hard to diagnose. Usually, dental problems are the culprit and a trip to the dentist will help. However, there are many types of medications that may actually cause or contribute to bad breath. Common Medications That Cause Bad Breath The full list of medications that cause bad breath is too large to include fully, but the most commonly used drugs that cause bad breath include: Read More 

Information Regarding Clear Aligners

If you have decided to go with clear aligners in order to get your teeth straighter then you will be interested in learning all about them. This includes the process you have to go through in order to get them, how you will need to care for them and what you can expect the experience of wearing them to be like. Learn more about the aligners here: What's the process like for getting them? Read More 

Getting Used to Your Tooth Replacement

When you have a tooth replaced or repaired with something like a dental implant, a crown, a dental bridge, dentures or another option, it can take a while for you to get used to having something new and different in your mouth. If you are finding it uncomfortable and irritating to get used to your new dental fixture, then you should try following some of the tips detailed here so you can get back to feeling normal as quickly as possible. Read More