New Dental Implants: Attentive Care Is Needed

Most dental patients are thrilled with their new implants, and it's easy to see why. In most cases, dental implants look attractive, feel natural, and provide a huge boost to overall dental health. Implants are not difficult to care for, but extra care may be necessary, especially at first. Read on and learn more about what to expect in terms of care right away and later. Dental Implant Care in the First Few Weeks Read More 

Do Dental Implants Ever Break?

A new dental implant leads to some obvious questions. Once placed in your jaw, the titanium alloy implant (which looks like a small screw) will act as a tooth root. The porcelain false tooth is then attached to the implant. This collection of titanium and porcelain will look and perform just like a natural tooth and should be indistinguishable from the real thing. But they're not quite the real thing, so it's obvious to ask—do dental implants ever break? Read More 

Why Do You Have A Gum Boil?

If you can see a liquid-filled lump on your gum, then you probably have a gum boil. These boils appear when you have a dental infection. When does this happen? You Have a Tooth Abscess If you have an infected tooth, then most of the infection usually stays within the tooth structure. However, sometimes, the infection can leak out into your gum. If the pressure of the infection is severe enough, then infected material can push out through the gum. Read More 

Why Some Dental Implants Should Have A Gold Crown

The only visible part of a dental implant procedure is the prosthetic tooth (dental crown) that's now part of your smile. The actual implant (a small titanium screw) is inserted in your jawbone, replacing the root of the missing tooth. Once the bone heals around the implant, locking it into position, the crown can be added. Most dental crown implants are intended to look as much like a natural tooth as possible (and they're usually indistinguishable from the real thing). Read More