Information Regarding Clear Aligners

If you have decided to go with clear aligners in order to get your teeth straighter then you will be interested in learning all about them. This includes the process you have to go through in order to get them, how you will need to care for them and what you can expect the experience of wearing them to be like. Learn more about the aligners here:

What's the process like for getting them?

Once it has been decided that you will have clear aligners put in your orthodontist will want to give you a complete dental exam. X-rays will be done, an impression will also be taken and pictures will be taken. In some cases the orthodontist will instead use a digital scanner to map out the shape of your mouth and teeth. This information will all be used to create a clear aligner that fits over your teeth while it applies enough pressure on specific ones to cause a shifting to occur that will help give you a straighter smile.

How do you care for clear aligners?

Caring for clear aligners is pretty simple. You do want to make sure you keep them clean on a daily basis so you can avoid a buildup of bacteria that can put your teeth and gums at risk of not only cavities but also things like gum disease. You will remove your aligners from your mouth to clean them. You want to rinse the aligners off with warm water every time you take them out to remove saliva and other germs. Brush and floss your teeth just like you would if you didn't wear aligners. Use a clear anti-bacterial soap to wash all of the surfaces of your aligners and make sure you rinse the soap off completely.

What is it like wearing clear aligners?

It may take you some time to get used to having the clear aligners in. However, they will be somewhat uncomfortable since they will put pressure on your teeth. You want to remove them when you are eating so you don't damage them and so you don't get food stuck between the aligners and your teeth. You should also rinse and even brush if possible before you put the aligners back in after you are finished eating. Remember not to chew gum when you have your aligners in or it will stick to them and cause a big mess for you to deal with.

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