Getting Used to Your Tooth Replacement

When you have a tooth replaced or repaired with something like a dental implant, a crown, a dental bridge, dentures or another option, it can take a while for you to get used to having something new and different in your mouth. If you are finding it uncomfortable and irritating to get used to your new dental fixture, then you should try following some of the tips detailed here so you can get back to feeling normal as quickly as possible. 

Watch what you eat

If you jump right in to eating all of the foods you did before you got your new dental hardware, then you can start off by irritating it right away. Your gums will take a little bit of time to heal, so you should stick to eating soft foods that are easy for you to chew until you find that you are used to the new piece that's in your mouth. Then you can slowly go back to eating the foods you are used to.

Along with helping you to get used to the replacement, watching what foods you eat at first this will also help to prevent yourself from accidentally biting down on your tongue or biting your lip while getting used to eating with you new dental piece.

Don't keep messing with the new dental piece

It can be hard for you to leave the new implant, crown, or other object alone. You will find that you want to touch it and feel it with your tongue or even with your fingers. However, the more you mess with it, the longer it is going to take for you to forget it's there. As soon as you forget about it, the new tooth replacement will officially begin to feel as if it is a natural part of your mouth and you will be used to it.

Messing with the dental piece will also impair healing and could increase your risks of infection—more reason to leave it alone.

The good news is, once you get used to having your implant, crown, dentures, or other tooth prosthetic, then you will find they can make all the difference to your confidence and can make it easier for you to eat certain foods that are otherwise hard to chew without all your teeth.  

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