Five Choices That May Cause Dental Issues During Adolescence

Dealing with the trials and tribulations of adolescence is difficult enough without having to be concerned about dental issues. Kids today are faced with entirely different lifestyle choices than those their parents dealt with, many of which can negatively affect a teenager's oral health. For instance, did you know that tongue piercing, smoking and drinking may cause problems that could require dental work later on? Playing sports without the use of a mouth guard, ignoring an eating disorder or neglecting impacted wisdom teeth may also cause dental problems. Read More 

5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Dentist Lovers

Everyone loves a pearly white smile and some people take that love further with a genuine interest in the dentist. When shopping for a dentist lover in your life, you can purchase a variety of gifts that cater to proper oral care and entertainment during a dental visit. The following five gifts are ideal for encouraging clean mouths, regular cleanings, and happy smiles for people both old and young that love oral health and the dentist. Read More 

International Adoptions: Choose Your Medical Professionals Before You Bring Your Child Home

Adopting a child from a developing nation can be very rewarding and also very challenging at the same time. Children from these nations may suffer from health issues, including malnutrition and internal and external parasites. It's also not uncommon for these babies, especially those who were malnourished, to have issues with their teeth. So before you bring your new baby home, there are a few steps you will want to take before you hop on the plane to pick up your international bundle of joy. Read More