Be A Dental Detective: 3 Bad Habits That Are Clues Into Why Your Teeth Are Not Healthy

If you have had healthy teeth most of your life, then a sudden increase in cavities or dental decay can leave you wondering what you are doing wrong. If you haven't changed your brushing, flossing, or eating habits, then it may be time to become a dental detective and look into seemingly unrelated new habits that could give you clues into why your perfect oral health is suddenly declining. Here are three habits that may be affecting your teeth in strange ways. Read More 

Unique Summer Solutions For Improving Your Smile Before The First Day Of School

Since summer is here, you may be relaxing at the beach with friends and family. While you probably do not want to think about the upcoming school year, the early part of summer break is a great time to plan your first day look. Of course, without a bright, white smile, you may lack the confidence to pull off your new, stylish outfit. Thankfully, reducing the stains on your teeth and improving the overall brightness of your white smile is easy using a few unique options. Read More 

Sick Of Using Your Retainer? Don’t Stop Wearing It Just Yet!

It's common knowledge that orthodontists will give you a retainer after your braces are finally taken off, but you might be wondering why you have to wear a retainer if your teeth are nice and straight. If you're considering not using your retainer because it's uncomfortable, you should know why wearing it is important before you make that decision. Relapse Is Common The Year After Braces Relapsing, or the movement of adjusted teeth back into their previous unhealthy places, can happen if the newly moved teeth aren't supported often enough throughout the first year after the braces come off. Read More 

How Dental Implants Can Actually Save You Money

Dental implants -- surgically implanted artificial teeth that work, look, and feel just like the real thing -- are considered the state of the art in modern restorative dentistry. Unfortunately, many of the people who could benefit most from the procedure shy away from it due to "sticker shock" over the cost, which can run several thousands of dollars per implant. The truth, however, is dental implants can actually save you money over other options in the long run. Read More 

Abscessed Teeth: Root Canals Or Extraction?

Among dental problems that can plague you, having an abscessed tooth remains among the worst. There are a variety of reasons that a person can have an abscessed tooth, and likewise, there are a number of solutions that you can use to rid yourself of the tooth. They both involve a visit to the dentist's office where you will either receive a root canal or have the tooth extracted. This brief article will address what an abscessed tooth is and whether you may need a root canal or an extraction. Read More