Learning About Full Arch Dental Implants

Often, those who believe they cannot afford a full mouth of dental implants decide to get dentures instead. However, another solution could be perfect for them. Read on and learn how dental patients can get the best of both worlds using full-arch dental implants.

Missing teeth can affect a person's self-confidence and self-esteem. Implants provide a natural solution to that problem. Implants address one of the main problems with missing teeth. When a tooth is missing, the jawbones stop producing bone. That means the jawbone can weaken when teeth are missing. Implants replicate the feel of a natural tooth so well that the jawbone is fooled into producing bone. That provides the patient with a secure, firm jaw rather than a sagging jaw.

Full Arch Implants

If you need a full arch of teeth, you might be considering dentures. However, ask your doctor about implant-supported dentures. Here is how it works:

Several implant surgeries are performed. Speak with your dentist about how many implants are needed to secure your full arch. The implants are allowed to heal, which can take several months. The implant post, which is inserted directly into the jawbone, will bond with the bone and become secure.

Once the post is attached and the surgical site is healed, dentures are created. The dentures are designed to go over the implanted crowns and fill in other missing areas. The bottom part of the implant, the post, assures not just bone growth but more stability for the denture. Traditional dentures, which must be removed to be cleaned, may be problematic. They may need several adjustments to ensure proper fit and they will need to be relined at some point. However, implant-supported dentures have none of the issues regular dentures do. They stay in place and allow the patient to enjoy foods as if they had natural teeth.

What Else to Know

  • This sort of denture may either be fixed or removable. Discuss with your dentist which type of denture will work best for you.  
  • Denture slipping won't occur due to them being secured to the implants.
  • Since this type of denture has no palate piece, wearers can enjoy the taste of food and drinks.
  • The implant surgery will usually require sedation to assure complete pain relief.
  • This type of implant and denture crossover can last for many long years, just as the implants do.

To find out more about full arch implants, reach out to a clinic like Smiles By Hogan.