Benefits Of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment may be necessary when your tooth's pulp gets infected. The procedure entails eliminating the decayed pulp, disinfecting the infected area, adding filling to the tooth, and sealing it. Finally, your dentist may place an artificial tooth like a dental crown on the treated tooth to prevent further damage. Here are the pros of a root canal.

 Eases Toothache and Sensitivity

Infection of the tooth pulp may cause tooth sensitivity and severe tooth pain. Sensitivity usually occurs when the tooth's nerves and blood vessels get exposed. So, when you drink cold or hot drinks, you may experience sharp pain or discomfort. Also, infections can damage your tooth's blood vessels, causing pain. A root canal entails the elimination of infected pulp and sealing of the damaged tooth. This helps alleviate pain and helps manage tooth sensitivity. 

Restores Tooth Appeal and Functions

When your tooth's pulp rots, the infected tooth may get discolored and take a grayish-black appearance. Tooth discoloration may negatively affect your smile, which may affect your social life negatively. Similarly, decayed teeth may be weak, and you may experience biting and chewing difficulties. Root canal treatment removes the discolored pulp, improving your teeth's appeal and function.

Protects the Jaw Bone Against Degeneration

The jawbone requires stimulation by teeth roots to regenerate. However, severe tooth decay may lead to tooth loss, leaving gaps in the mouth. In this case, the jawbone doesn't get stimulated to produce new cells, resulting in degeneration. This may lead to the collapsing of facial features as the jaw may not be strong enough to support your face.

Prevents Tooth Infections From Spreading

When you leave an infected tooth unattended, the infection may spread fast. This increases the risk of losing multiple teeth. Besides, severe tooth infections call for comprehensive treatments that may be more costly. Fortunately, a root canal helps treat decayed teeth, protecting adjacent teeth against infection. This promotes good dental health.

Boosts Overall health

Severe tooth infection may spread to other body parts, potentially causing respiratory and stomach infections. Treating such conditions can be costly and may take time. A root canal can help treat tooth infections early, preventing the infection of other body parts. This way, your overall health remains intact.

 Root canal treatment can prevent jaw bone degeneration, restore the appeal and function of your teeth, and boost your overall health. Additionally, a root canal can prevent tooth infection spread and ease toothache and sensitivity.

Talk to your dentist for more information about root canals