3 Tips To Help You Recover Fast After Root Canal

Most people dread getting a root canal due to the discomfort that follows once the anesthetic wears off. However, a root canal is important, as it helps deep clean the inside of your tooth. Although it may involve some discomfort, you shouldn't forego your upcoming root canal treatment. Instead, go for the procedure and use these tips to help you recover fast.

Gargle Using Warm Salty Water and Take Your Pain Medication

After getting a root canal, the gum surrounding the tooth may get infected. An infection can cause excruciating pain and considerable discomfort. So, you need to ensure the gum is free from infection. Gargling regularly with warm salty water will keep the area around your tooth clean. It will also ward off infections, ensuring a speedy recovery.

You should also take your pain medication as recommended by your dentist. Once the anesthetic wears off after the procedure, you should expect to feel some pain. Painkillers will help make your recovery bearable and fast.

Get Enough Rest

Adequate sleep and rest are essential yet underrated during recovery. After your procedure, focus on getting enough rest. Sleep and rest give the body enough time to heal, thus promoting quick healing.

If possible, take some time off work. While the root canal procedure may have been painless, you might feel a little sore after a day, causing you to feel tired and lethargic. Rest hastens recovery and prevents accidents that might occur, like falling and worsening your tooth pain. Besides, the painkillers and antibiotics will work best with adequate rest.

Refrain from Engaging in Strenuous Activities

Dentists consider root canal a form of oral surgery. You may think oral surgery doesn't impact your overall wellbeing, but it does. Therefore, like any other surgery, you need to refrain from engaging in vigorous physical activities like exercise immediately after the procedure. 

Consult your dentist to know when you can resume regular training if you are a gym-goer or an athlete. Exercising or strenuous activities can cause bleeding on your teeth or gums. If you want a change from resting, try brisk walking and other light exercises like yoga. As you heal, consider substituting exercises with other stress-relieving options like meditation.

Schedule Your Root Canal with a Dentist

Although scheduling your root canal could be intimidating, it is an essential procedure that will save your teeth and ensure you have a healthy mouth. Contact a dentist for more information about root canals.