How To Make The Most Of Having A Family Dentist

Getting the most from having a family dentist involves more than just letting the professional do their job. Patients can contribute to the process, too, and here are 5 ways they can do that.

Discuss Treatment in Detail

When you're sitting in a dentist office, it can seem difficult to discuss or contradict what the dentist is saying. It's important, however, to have a detailed conversation about the potential treatment options and why one might be better than another.

You should express all of your concerns clearly. If you're not sure whether a treatment is right for you, tell the dentist you'd like to have a few days to research it before committing to it. You'll be far more comfortable going into a procedure knowing for sure that it's the right one.

Ask Questions

Lots of language in the dental world can seem alien. If you don't get what the dentist is talking about, ask for clarification. You're far better off asking what feels like a dumb question than being stuck in the dark not knowing what the heck is happening.

Give Straight Answers

Plenty of people feel shame at not flossing or brushing the right amount. However, the only score that's being kept in dentistry is how many teeth the patient has. If the hygienist or dentist asks you a question like this, give them the straightest answer possible.

Every bit of this advice goes double when you bring your child to a family dentist. The long-term implications of poor dental hygiene are massive. If you want your child to have a good chance of getting quality treatment, the dentist needs every bit of available information.

Keep Tabs on the Procedures You've Received

Yes, they do keep track of your records at a dentist office. However, it's a good idea to log what procedures you and your family members have received. You'll be more conversant about your dental health, and it may allow you to catch potential issues during conversations with the staff or the dentist.

Only Make Appointments You're Sure You Can Keep

Life happens, and the people handling your appointments get that. Maintaining a schedule at a dentist office, though, can be a challenge. Do not take up an appointment slot if you have any inkling that you might not be able to keep the session. Your dentist will appreciate that you respect their time and business.

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