How to Prevent Tooth Decay with Dental Cleanings

A dental cleaning is not only important for clean teeth, but a healthy body and mind as well. There is a connection between your mouth and body. A problem with your mouth can be signs of other health issues like heart disease and dementia. Read on to find out how to prevent tooth decay with professional cleanings.

Keep Down Plaque

It is important to brush your teeth to prevent plaque from accumulating in your teeth. Plaque looks similar to a white film that can lead to tooth decay. It occurs from a mix of saliva and food particles left in your mouth. This substance is acidic, which can eat away at your tooth enamel. For these reasons, you cannot leave plaque on your teeth. Plaque is removable through dental cleanings, flossing and brushing.

Stop Gum Disease Before it Starts

Gum disease starts from the accumulation of plaque on your teeth. It is one of the major causes of tooth loss. As this disease progresses, it moves up your tooth until gum disease destroys the supporting jaw bone. This results in your tooth becoming loose and falling out. You can decrease your risk with routine professional cleanings and good oral hygiene habits.

Understand Why Tartar Is a Problem

Tartar buildup is normal, but too much is a problem. The body sees this substance as a foreign object. This means the foreign object must go. Your body is going to fight it off using your immune system how it fights off an infection. Gum disease is your body's response to tartar buildup. At this stage, you are probably experiencing bleeding and inflamed gums.

You are constantly putting food, drinks and other items in your mouth. In other words, there is always a battle in your mouth and you always must go to war. Teeth cleanings give your mouth balance and keep it healthy.

A cleaning is carried out by a dental hygienist. He or she will uses tools to remove the plaque. Your hygienist will clean below and above where your tooth and gum meets.

If you want to see what is being done, then you can ask for a mirror. Your dental hygienist should also explain what is being done. If not, you should ask.

It is important to keep your smile healthy. This means good hygiene at home and regular dentist visits. If not, you may need to get partial dentures or see your dentist about implant restoration.