3 Natural Remedies for Relieving Your Discomfort after Having Dental Implant Posts Inserted

If you have recently had dental implant posts inserted, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to relieve the small amount of swelling and discomfort you may be experiencing after the procedure. If so, use one or all of the following natural home remedies using ingredients you can find in the natural health departments of pharmacies, department stores and supermarkets.

Rinse Your Mouth with Peppermint Oil and Sea Salt Water

This first home remedy involves rinsing your mouth with a homemade mouthwash made with a half of a cup of water, six drops of peppermint oil and one tablespoon of sea salt. Both the peppermint oil and sea salt kill germs that could lead to infection in the insertion sites. The peppermint oil also serves as an analgesic that can relieve any pain.

Along with its antiseptic properties, the sea salt also helps reduce swelling. And if you have a small amount of bleeding, it can help stop that as well.

To make the mouthwash, mix the ingredients in a small glass and rinse your mouth for a half minute to a minute. You can use this remedy either by itself or after one of the treatments listed below for more relief.

Bite Down on a Cold Chamomile Tea Bag

In this natural treatment, you will bite down on a cold chamomile tea bag. You will need one bag for each area of your mouth where the posts have been inserted. If you desire, you can also add three drops of chamomile essential oil to each bag to increase the herb's pain-relieving and antiseptic properties.

Bring a cup of water to a boil, remove the pan from the burner, and place the tea bags in the water. Cover the pan and let the bags steep for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, pour the water and bags into a small bowl and put it in the refrigerator to cool for about an hour.

Once the time is up, remove the tea bags and either discard or save the tea to drink later. Place the bags on a small plate and add the essential oil to the top of each one, if you wish.

Place the side with the essential oil directly onto the post sites. Gently bite down on the bags to keep them in place, being careful not to grind to teeth, which could irritate your already sore gums. Leave the bags on for about five minutes, then remove them.

Apply a Ground Sea Salt and Aloe Vera Juice Paste to the Insertion Sites

This natural remedy involves applying a paste to the insertion sites made from a tablespoon of ground sea salt and a tablespoon-and-a-half of aloe vera juice. Along with the benefits of sea salt discussed in the first section, this paste also uses the healing and pain-relieving properties of aloe vera juice treat your symptoms and reduce the risk of infection.

In a small bowl, mix the two ingredients until it forms a smooth, thick paste. If the paste is too gritty, add a drop or two of aloe vera juice, then mix until smooth.

Using either your fingertip or a cotton swab, apply a thick layer to each post insertion site. Leave it on for about a minute, then either rinse with cool water or the mouthwash described in the first section.

Using one or more of the above remedies periodically can help reduce the swelling, inflammation and discomfort after your procedure. However, if you notice an increase in symptoms, you may want to speak with the dentist who inserted your dental implant posts to see if there are any treatment options available for relieving your discomfort.