5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Dentist Lovers

Everyone loves a pearly white smile and some people take that love further with a genuine interest in the dentist. When shopping for a dentist lover in your life, you can purchase a variety of gifts that cater to proper oral care and entertainment during a dental visit.

The following five gifts are ideal for encouraging clean mouths, regular cleanings, and happy smiles for people both old and young that love oral health and the dentist.

Tooth Keepsakes

Unlike sharks, humans are only capable of growing two sets of teeth. Once a tooth is lost, it is gone from our mouths forever. By purchasing a special keepsake, a variety of teeth can be stored and displayed with style.

  • Baby Tooth Album: Younger children will love collecting baby teeth in an album. A baby tooth album flips open to reveal compartments for every tooth. Some albums offer the ability to write the exact date the tooth is lost. A variety of other albums feature games and activities that involve the tooth fairy.
  • Tooth Box: A metal tooth box is very similar to a ring box. It flips open and reveals a small cushion where the tooth can be placed. Designs on the outside include tooth engraving designs, customized initials, or a smiling mouth.
  • Tooth Castles: Proudly display your tooth in a small design that features medieval creations like a castle or dragon. These products are typically made with pewter material.

Eye Media Glasses

Staying still with your mouth wide open can become a tedious task, even for the biggest dentist lover. Help them pass the time by purchasing a variety of eye media accessories that can be used during routine cleanings and exams.

When shopping for media glasses, look for connections that can connect to small devices like MP3 video players or cell phones. Some glasses even feature a media card slot so you can load your own content directly on the glasses.

Dental Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are a great traditional gift that you can give. It makes a nice stocking stuffer and something that people can display year after year.

  • Tooth Ornaments: Cartoon teeth ornaments come in a variety of styles. Look for shining teeth, teeth paired with toothbrushes, or teeth dressed in a Santa hat.
  • Dentist Career Ornament: A dentist career ornament features a cartoon character dressed as a dentist. They usually hold a variety of dental tools like a pick.
  • Company Toothpaste Ornaments: Find ornaments from popular toothpaste companies. These ornaments are either in the design of the toothpaste bottle or featuring a toothpaste mascot.

Tooth Tattoos

Give the gift of permanent tooth design with tooth tattoos. This new trend features tattoo designs placed directly on caps that go over your teeth. The intricate process is actually performed by some dentists and can be done in a variety of styles. Along with text and initials, tooth tattoos can include small images, cartoons, and pop-culture designs like a Batman symbol.

The easiest method for this process involves a dentist creating the design on the cap before it is placed on your tooth. Once the cap is set inside your mouth, it becomes a permanent part of your jaw unless the tooth is physically removed.

Dentist Gift Basket

Show someone the ultimate gift with a whole basket dedicated to dentist love. A dentist gift basket should be filled to brink with a variety of cleaning products like toothpaste, floss, toothbrushes, and mouth wash. For extra gifts, visit their local dentist or a place like Silverado Family Dental and see if there are any promotional products they can offer you. This includes calendars, pens, and other office supplies featuring the dentist name and logo.

Not only do dentist gifts help promote a healthy mouth, but they are truly unique presents for the holiday.