Dental Bridges Can Give You A New Mouth

If you have dental issues that include damaged and missing teeth, then you may be a good candidate for a dental bridge. A bridge can help you to take care of more than one issue with just one dental appliance. You can learn about bridges in this article, including what they are, what they help with and what it is like to have one put in.

What is a dental bridge?

The first question that may come to mind if your dentist suggests a dental bridge will be "what is that?" A dental bridge is a dental appliance that consists of at least two crowns that are also used as anchors for a false tooth that will replace a missing tooth. A bridge can range from two crowns and one false tooth all the way up to a complete row of crowns and false teeth that can take care of the entire top or bottom row of teeth. It is important to know that you will need to have enough available teeth still to support the number of false ones the bridge will have.

What options are available with dental bridges?

If you are thinking a dental bridge may be the way to go, then you may also want to know about the different options you have to choose from. You can go with dental bridges that are made out of different types of materials, so you can have one put in that you feel meets your dental and financial needs the best. Some of the different materials you can have them made from include alloys, gold and porcelain. Generally, the bridge will be designed to match the color, size and shape of your other teeth. However, if you are having bridges used to take care of all your teeth, then this is also your chance to ask your dentist for a whiter smile, or even for teeth that have a different shape and/or size to them than your natural teeth had.

What benefits do dental bridges offer?

Before you decide on a dental bridge, one of the things you may be the most concerned with is the benefits they really offer you. Since you have different dental reconstruction options available, one of the benefits a bridge can offer you is the ability to fit it in your budget. Also, they will restore your smile permanently while allowing you to chew and talk like you did before you started having serious dental issues. A bridge also reduces your risk of losing the natural shape of your face and the bone density in your jawbone that can come from missing your teeth for a length of time.