What Is Putting You At Risk For Cracked Teeth?

Did you know that some people do not realize they have cracked teeth? This is because sometimes the cracks in teeth are not obvious to the naked eye. Overlooking cracks in teeth can result in more serious issues. Many people do not realize the habits they have that could contribute to their teeth getting cracked  The following points will help you to better understand how cracked teeth occur, and you will also learn how a dentist can help you fix any problematic teeth. 


Mouth trauma usually occurs as the result of accidents. These accidents can result in teeth getting chipped, which can cause you to have an unsightly appearance. Trauma can occur as the result events such as a car accident, sports injuries, or violent encounters. When trauma is involved, dentists may need to advise their patients to wait until their injuries heal. After the mouth heals, dentists can assess how badly the teeth are damaged and determine the appropriate action to take. 

Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Some people have a habit of grinding their teeth when they are asleep. Some people also have an issue with clenching their teeth. Both of these habits can result in teeth getting damaged. Dentists can help by prescribing mouthguards which can be worn at night. The mouthguards can protect the teeth from excessive wear during the teeth-grinding incidents. As far as teeth clenching, cosmetic dentists may recommend treatments such as orthodontic appliances. 

Brittle Teeth

Some people do not realize the condition of their teeth. This is why it is important to keep routine dental appointments. Dentists can identify when issues such as enamel erosion are present. Timely treatment can aid in protecting the teeth against cracks. 

A cosmetic dentist is a good resource to use if you have cracked teeth. There are numerous ways that dentists can fix cracked teeth. The appropriate fix will depend on how damaged your teeth are. Some people wait too long to address issues with their teeth, and this can result in them needing to get their teeth extracted. If cracked teeth become too damaged and need to be extracted, a dentist might recommend other options after the extraction. For example, a dental implant or dental bridge might need to be inserted to ensure that surrounding teeth do not shift out of place. However, when cracked teeth are discovered and treated in a timely manner, there are other alternatives such as veneers, dental fillings, or dental crowns. 

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