3 Reasons To Consider Invisalign For Your Teenager

While most teenagers that get braces get traditional ones, some get the invisible type, which are called Invisalign. Invisalign braces are more common for adults; however, there are times when choosing invisible braces for a teenager is a good idea. Here are three reasons you may want to consider getting this type for your teenage child when you're considering teenager orthodontics.

This Is A Great Option For Athletes

Playing sports is a common for teens, and a lot of sports are considered contact sports. A contact sport involves playing a game that includes interactions with other people, and these types of sports can be dangerous for a number of reasons. One risk of contact sports is damage to teeth, and the damage that can be done can often be worse if a teen is wearing traditional braces.

Traditional braces include brackets and wires. If a person with traditional braces gets hit in the face with a ball, elbow, or anything else, it can damage the brackets, the person's teeth, and the person's gums and mouth. The brackets can cut the gums, leaving them injured, and this can lead to pain and other issues.

With invisible braces, there is still the risk of damage being done to the teen's teeth, but at least he or she would not have to worry about getting cuts in his or her mouth from metal brackets. If your child plays sports, you may want to consider this option over traditional braces for safety reasons.

They Are Ideal For Teens Who Are Responsible Or Need To Learn To Be

Another good reason to choose Invisalign over traditional braces is to teach your teen responsibility. A lot of parents do not choose this option for their teens, simply because they do not feel their teens are responsible enough, but this can actually help them with that.

Anyone that gets invisible braces will have to learn to wear them all the time. While they are removable, they cannot do their job if they are not inside the person's mouth all the time. The only time a person should remove them is when he or she is eating or drinking. Other than that, the person must wear the aligners all the time.

This will teach your teen to be more responsible, because he or she will have to be. If the child doesn't wear the aligners, the child's teeth will not shift. These aligners are typically replaced every two weeks to keep the teeth moving. If the teen is never ready to get new aligners, it will be a sign that he or she is not wearing them as instructed.

They Are Often Better For Self-Esteem Issues

The third reason some parents choose invisible braces over traditional ones for their children is for self-esteem issues. It can be difficult for teens to feel like they fit in at school and other places they go, and anything that sets them apart might cause them to develop self-esteem issues. With invisible braces, no one will even know your child is wearing braces. They are so clear and thin that most people will not notice them in someone's mouth. This can be great for any teenager, but it can be especially good for teens that struggle with low self-esteem issues.

Invisalign braces are great for people of all ages, and they can be especially good for the reasons listed here. If you are not sure if your teen would benefit from this, you should schedule a visit with an orthodontist. A consultation visit can be very helpful for finding out more details about Invisalign and other options in braces.